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Shooting for the new James Bond 007 Movie has created a bit of a stir in Austria, too.

Needless to say, there has been a great deal of excitement in the country at the news that 007 will be filmed in Tirol. Above all, the filming sites were abuzz with Bond fever. A farmer in the village of Obertilliach, for example, named two baby calves that were born on the first day of shooting “Daniel” and “Léa”.

The friendly owners of a home situated close to the so-called “Bond House” in Obertilliach invited members of the cast, crew and security to warm themselves up over homemade delicacies in their lovely panelled parlour. “Villainous henchman” Dave Bautista felt so much "at home" that he enjoyed a nap on their sofa, next to the cat.

The head of the Obertilliach Tourist Information Office will always remember his first encounter with the film producer’s location scout. “An upcoming international production will soon shoot in Obertilliach. And I am talking ‘Champions League’ here, not ‘Regional League’. There will be some action, there will be a 300 to 400 strong team of cast and crew!” said the location scout. “How now??! This needs further explanation!” answered the stunned head of the tourist board. The scout said he was bound to observe confidentiality, nevertheless, he would soon return to work closely together to manage the production. He would need help in finding accommodation and in many other concerns. “It’s all "top secret" and not meant for the public yet.” The scout gave him his mobile number. “I'll get back to you on this just as soon as possible.” When the scout had left for Soelden, the head of the tourist board noticed that it was April 1st – April Fools’ Day! He assumed this was a hoax and he had been "duped". So he called the location scout and asked whether this was a hoax or not. The scout assured him on the phone that this had nothing to do with April Fools’ Day and that the shooting was real.

The helpfulness and support of the “Bond people” was remarkable, too. The organizers of the Dolomitenlauf XC Ski Race in Obertilliach were allowed to use the production company’s grooming machines, snow blowers and snowmobiles to prepare the cross country ski trails for the event.

When Daniel Craig was on set in Obertilliach for the first time, members of the security team spotted a British paparazzi photographer wearing a camouflage suit some 300 meters away in the forest beneath Obertilliach’s new gondola. A highly trained security guard chased the photographer and grabbed his boot as he attempted to flee. The guard tossed the boot off a cliff and down the side of a mountain back. One of these days, it might be fun to go up there and see if that boot is still there.

Local restaurants came up with creative menu ideas, such as “007 Cordon Bleu of the Month”, “Golden Eye French Fries” and “Bond Pizza”, along with “Spectre Shots” and “Skyfall Cocktails”.

The SPECTRE production was as well included in the program of renowned Villach Carnival and carnival floats were elaborately designed in a 007 theme at many places, such as in Sillian.


Collection of anecdotesCollection of anecdotes
Collection of anecdotes
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