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Financial Support in Austria

Austrian Film Institute

The Austrian Film Institute is Austria’s Federal film funding institution and is regulated by Austrian Federal Law (Filmförderungsgesetz), Their budget considers:

  • project-related film funding (a selection committee will make funding decisions)

  • performance-based film funding (the creative and commercial performance of a reference film will be assessed).

  • funding for new talent.

Funding goal is:

  • to support the production, promotion, and distribution of Austrian films which are suitable for drawing a larger audience or international recognition and thereby increase the economic performance and quality of Austrian film.

Funding will be granted in particular to:

  • project development;

  • Austrian films or international co-productions which were developed by an Austrian production company,

  • film distribution;

  • professional development training for creative, technical, and administrative film industry personnel.

  • projects designed to improve the infrastructure of the Austrian film industry.

International co-productions may be eligible for funding if the Austrian co-production partner fulfills the funding criteria and the project complies with the respective interstate film agreement. Should no such agreement exist, the Austrian financial, creative, and technical contribution must amount to a minimum of 30 percent of the total project. Reasonable exceptions may be granted by the Film Institute. In case of international co-productions, the Austrian Film Institute will only fund the Austrian portion of the project but will assess the entire production for eligibility.


Austrian Film Institute

Roland Teichmann, Director

Spittelberggasse 3

A-1070 Vienna, Austria

Ph: (+43) (0)1 5269730

Fax: (+43) (0)1 5269730-440



Film Location Austria (FISA)

An attractive film financing model in the form of a non-repayable grant became effective in July 2010 and is designed to support eligible Austrian-international co-productions as well as Austrian movie productions and documentaries.

Austria’s Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth is sponsoring the grant with a total of 20 million Euro until the end of 2012. Due to the major success of the initiative, the funding model “Film Location Austria” (FISA) has been extended for another two years. Each year a total of EUR 7.5 million in funding is provided.

Funding guidelines:

  • Eligible applicants are natural persons or legal entities with a business or branch office in Austria.

  • A minimum of 20% of total production expenses have to be incurred in Austria, according to the respective interstate film agreement. Exceptions with due cause may be accepted.

  • Compliance with the Cultural Test (cultural, creative, and technical criteria apply).

  • Eligible projects have a total production budget of at least 1 million Euro (feature films) or 200,000 Euro (documentaries).

  • Minimum length of the release is 79 minutes for feature films and documentaries, 59 minutes for children’s films.

  • Funding is capped at 25% of the eligible production costs incurred in Austria (and at 15% of the funds annual budget).

  • Awarded grants can be combined with other funding sources.

The Film Location Austria (FISA) fund is handled by aws and Location Austria, a department of the Austrian Business Agency, ABA. Applications are accepted online and on a rolling basis.


Location Austria

Arie Bohrer, Julia Schmölz

Hanuschgasse 3

A-1010 Wien

T: (+43) (0)1 588 58 33



Federal Ministry for Education, Arts, and Culture (bm:ukk)

The Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture supports innovative Austrian new talent or debut films, documentaries, experimental films, and animation. Funding for writing, production, distribution, and festival participation is offered.


Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur

Abteilung V/3 Film

Concordiaplatz 2

A-1014 Wien

: (+43) (0)1 53120-6885


ORF Film & Television Agreement

The Film & Television Agreement was signed in 1981 as an accord between the Austrian Film Institute and the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, ORF, for the joint promotion of Austrian feature films. Under this agreement, film projects may be supported if they are already approved for funding by the Austrian Film Institute or, in the case of new talent or innovation funding, by another funding institution. The ORF allocates 8 million Euro (US $10.6 million) annually until the year 2013 to fulfill this agreement. Funding decisions are made by a joint commission. About 10% of the annual budget is dedicated to new talent and innovation funding.


Austrian Television Fund

The Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications (RTR) administers the Austrian Television Fund with a budget of 7.5 million Euro which derives from a percentage of the broadcasting fees collected in accordance with § 3 Par. 1 of the Austrian Broadcasting Fees Act (RGG). The fund supports television productions.

Funding is available for the production of television films, series and documentaries with a minimum length of 23 minutes. Qualified independent producers and production companies are eligible to apply if one or more broadcasting companies furnish at least 30% of the total production costs. Furthermore, participating broadcasting companies may acquire the rights to the film or documentary for a maximum of 7 years, or 10 years for a series.

Funding support is capped at 20% of total production costs, in exceptional cases at 30%. Any given TV series may be supported with up to 120,000 Euro per episode, TV films with a maximum of 700,000 Euro per film, and TV documentaries with a maximum of 200,000 Euro. Expenditures in Austria should amount to at least 1.5 times the awarded support and may not fall below that. Special consideration is given to projects with high production expenses in Austria and a high international budget contribution. Funding support is awarded in form of a non-repayable grant. Combining funds with other funding sources, such as regional or international funds, is permitted, except for funds from the Austrian Federal government.

Applications will be reviewed four times per calendar year. Funding decisions will be made by the respective CEO of the RTR under consideration of the RTR’s funding objectives and reports from the review committee.


Austrian Television Fund

Alfred Grinschgl, CEO

Mariahilfer Straße 77-79

Ph: +43 (0)1 58058 -0

Fax: +43 (0)1 58058 -9191


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