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Location Archive
The location archive shows you the great selection of Tirolean locations.
In addition to the Cine Tirol team, Tirolean location scouts are available to search for detailed motifs, they are listed in Crews & Facilities.
Battle scenes for the film "Andreas Hofer - Die Freiheit des Adlers" were shot in front of the Golden Roof in Innsbruck, the actors in Hans Weingartner's film "Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei" withdrew to an Alpine hut in Achenkirch and for the exciting snowboard stunts in "XXX" Vin Diesel chose the Kaunertal glacier. Whatever your preferred location, the Tirol is rich in variety and versatility.

With over 700 archived locations the Cine Tirol Location Archive is the first address for finding the right motifs in the Tirol and it is at your disposal for individual searches. To simplify your search the existing motifs are grouped in various categories so that everyone can find what they are looking for quickly and easily. The Cine Tirol team is available at any time, we shall be pleased to compile a "locations shopping basket" geared to your own special requirements and to help you deal with special questions and concerns.

Cine Tirol wishes you lots of fun in finding your location in the Tirol.

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