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Jean-Jacques Annaud, Director, Paris, France
Austria, and especially the Tirol offers the efficiency of Germany, the beauty of Switzerland and the charm of Italy.

Harald Krassnitzer, Actor, Wuppertal, Germany
The Tirol is a wonderful place to work, and that is most important to me. The region offers so many different landscapes and so many extremes, which is advantageous for filming. All these places are so easily accessible, offer a spectacular backdrop, and inject our films with a wonderful richness. The Tirol is a land of people who inspire while also being a source of tranquility and strength.

Dr. Alexander Stille, TransAtlantik Filmhouse AG, Hürth, Germany
The closer we get to our release date, the more we understand the important contribution Cine Tirol's financial and logistic support during planning and production had on the successful realization of our project. We hope that Cine Tirol too will reap the rewards of their hard work and effort. We were lucky to have had an extremely competent partner.
Thank you very much,

Dr. Jo Baier, Director, Munich, Germany
When I directed SCHWABENKINDER, I first learned to greatly appreciate the collaboration with Cine Tirol, a non-bureaucratic and passionate togetherness with the common goal of furnishing a project with the optimal conditions. Amidst all the business dealings, there is always the personal, human aspect, which they handle with extraordinary warmth and complete dedication. One always feels well taken care of in the Tirol.

Otto F. Gatternigg, Trans World Office, Vienna, Austria
Thank you! And, don't forget: there would be no film without your help!

Hans Weingartner, Producer and Director, Berlin, Germany
We have followed the Tirol's impressive development as an international film location for a while and attribute their accomplishments not only to efficient marketing and advertising but also to their high level of professionalism in handling international production teams who increasingly decide to film in the Tirol. Our compliments to your excellent work and international success!

Ruth Mader, Director, Vienna, Austria
We were able to successfully wrap "The Lost Son", our first project filmed in the Tirol. Johannes Köck and his team reliably provided us with competent and enthusiastic support during pre-production and production. The Cine Tirol Film Fund contributes significantly to the discovery of the Tirol's beautiful landscapes and towns as film locations and thereby also promotes their attractiveness to tourists. Cine Tirol was also very helpful in making contacts to important film service providers in the area with whom we cooperated very successfully. Cine Tirol has indeed become a portal for local and international film industry contacts. Cine Tirol's financial support enabled us to produce a film of extraordinary quality.
Kirsten Hager, Producer, Hager Moss Film, Munich, Germany

Admittedly, I am a fan! No other regional film commission has shown similar support and dedication after only the first contact.

Kirsten Hoehne, Spiegel TV GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
Many thanks for the friendly support of our days filming in the Tirol which we will hold in our hearts as special memories. Thank you to all the committed and competent partners in the Tirol!

Michael Ballhaus, Cinematographer
Our students are searching for the most breath-taking Alpine scenery we can find. The view from here is a gift. Amazing! Incredible! The motif, the weather, the snow, the Tirolean film makers, and the support from Cine Tirol are one happy coincidence. I will return!

Karl Markovics, Actor
Magnificent. I love it. Mostly, because these are places one would not normally see. The trip alone is an adventure! The chance to film outdoors in an area like this, not in the studio, not in the city - it is like a dream come true! Like a paid vacation!

Lars Kraume, Director/Producer
Since our location scouting tour, I have been excited because I know that the final scene can be huge. The motifs are incredible and the people we have met over the last few days are extremely professional and capable of mastering the complexity of the project. Awesome!

Mathias Lösel, Producer
We all really enjoyed filming in your home state. Personally, I want to thank you again, from all my heart, for the pleasant, uncomplicated, and accommodating cooperation from all of you.

Daniel Brühl, Actor, Berlin, Germany
It is fabulous here and a wonderful contrast to filming in a city. How great it is to be out in nature, for a change. With such a panorama one can only feel good. Nature is magnificent here and I encounter warm and open people. The mountains are very special. When I will have a few free days between filming, I look forward to bringing some friends for hiking. I feel like home in the Tirol. Hiking beats yoga in my book anytime.
Previously, I was in the Tirolean mountains to film "The Edukators" and "The Coming Days". I just feel so great here. I wish every movie could have a scene in a mountain hut.

Tina Trapp, EAVE, Luxemburg
Thanks again to you and your fantastic team for the fabulous support, the incredible and one-of-a-kind hospitality and your passion which comes through in everything you do. This was indeed the best EAVE workshop since I have been an EAVE member.
Without exaggeration or hesitation, I can state, on behalf of EAVE, that the EAVE workshop in the Tirol was exceptional in EAVE's 20-year history due the superior hospitality, personal support, and impressive professionalism rendered by Johannes Köck and his team. I am very happy about this great cooperation with Cine Tirol.
Compared to other European regions, the excellent location service offered by Johannes Köck and Cine Tirol is superb and exemplary. Johannes Köck's superior work has put the Tirol on the map for the international film industry and I am thrilled that the EAVE workshop in the Tirol helped strengthen contacts and cooperation between the Tirol and film makers from other European countries.
It will be an honor for us to work with Cine Tirol in the future. We will surely stay in frequent contact and will highly recommend the Tirol as an outstanding film location to producers in our network.

Bernt Capra, Director
We had a ball filming in the Tirol and I want to thank you all again for your dear hospitality and your generous support on all fronts.
Warmest regards,

Josef Koschier, Producer, SK Film
Once again, I want to express my gratitude to you and your dedicated team for a very successful premiere. Everything was organized perfectly and we could all feel your joy over another successful Cine Tirol project! I cannot remember ever having experienced such a great atmosphere. You are all filled with enthusiasm and you make everyone feel like welcome friends not just guests. I already look forward to joint projects in the future and can assure you that I will highly recommend you within our industry as Austria's friendliest and most efficient film commission.

Frank Siegmund, 2nd Level Films GmbH & Co. KG
I am overwhelmed and incredibly thankful. So many options I would have never known about without you! Thank you very much!

Wolfgang Behr, Neue Bioskop Film
We too have immensely enjoyed working with you and building such a wonderful and prolific relationship, both on a personal and professional level!

Josef Aichholzer, Aichholzer Filmproduktion, Vienna, Austria
All that is left for me is to thank you for your hands-on support for the first installment of "Wanderhure". Whenever our company will discuss the next Tirol-related project, I will remember our great cooperation and contact you.

Eyad El Khzouz, Abu Dhabi TV, Abu Dhabi
Tirol, especially Seefeld with its marvelous landscape and superb mountain backdrop, was the perfect location for our TV-series. What we have seen so far is truly unbelievably beautiful.

Dieter Kosslick, Festival Director, Berlin Film Festival
To you, dear Johannes, not only a Happy Birthday, but also many more successful years. The heart of the Alps has also conquered the heart of the Berlin Film Festival. Anytime.
In acknowledgement and friendship, Dieter

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